The more we share our story the more it resonates with friends and colleagues. After spending 3 years in Vancouver, BC surrounded by craft breweries and away from the London commute we realised that there was something about going back to 'ARTISAN ARTS & CRAFTS.' We started by getting some chickens (subsequently all given names) to join our rescues-dog, Charlie and cat, Ozzie. Then late 2014 a small ad saying microbrewery for sale caught our interest. Established in 2004 Fallen Angel Brewery had been hand-crafting small batches of unique real ales using TRADITIONAL brew processes like the partial mash.

Some of our AWARD-WINNING "natural" brews (Scotch Bonnet Cyder,chilli beer aptly named Fire in the Hole and famous Black Death) combine the benefits of chilli's and being 'bottle-conditioned', sometimes unpredictable but always healthy!

We also have 16 other recipes including a still Alcoholic Ginger Beer, rebranded SmithsSmooth (because it is my wife's favourite and a great little mixer) and our medium-dry sparkling cider (originally named Gardener's Delight) that many have said tastes like "apple prosecco."

As I sit here in a mid afternoon west coast misty kinda day, I think to myself.... "How does one enjoy himself?" After an undisclosed  amount of pondering, I realized..... Beer!!! Beer makes everything better. It makes your favourite hockey team losing 5-0 better. It makes getting told off by your boss better. It makes a menial conversation about marinating chorizo sausage sound like true words of wisdom from a fallen angel. In fact, I truly believe that no important decision should be made without at least a three pint buzz. I digress..... But what I mean to say is thank you. Thank you for doing your part to make this world a better place.    

Alfredo, our kits backyard bbq buddy, Vancouver BC
  • 1. Water & grain added
  • 2. Wort & hops are added & bought to the boil
  • 3. Wort pumped through the heat exchanger
  • 4. Yeast is introduced & fermentation begins
  • 5. Yeast vit is introduced. 2nd fermentation
  • 6. Delivered to festivals, shops & pubs